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ITC Makes an Affirmative Final Injury Determination in the Antidumping Duty Case Concerning Float Glass, in Sheets from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand
Publish Date: 2023-04-17
On April 17, 2023 the International Trade Commission (ITC) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) made a final determination that an industry in Taiwan (ROC) is materially injured by reason of imports of float glass, in sheets from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand that have been found by the Ministry of Finance to be sold in Taiwan (ROC) at less than normal value.

Under the jurisdiction set forth in the Regulations Governing the Implementation of the Imposition of Countervailing and Anti-dumping Duties, the MOEA shall notify the Ministry of Finance of its final determination.  As a result of the affirmative final injury determination, the Ministry of Finance shall determine whether to impose an anti-dumping duty within 10 days from the next day of receipt of the foregoing notice from the MOEA.

The public version in Chinese of the final injury investigation report is expected to be available after May 17, 2023 from ITC's website (https://www.moeaitc.gov.tw).

Spokesperson of the International Trade Commission:
Mr. Guang-Shiun Chiou, Deputy Executive Secretary
Telephone: 886-2-2506-6670 ext.101
E-mail: gschiou@moeaitc.gov.tw

Contact person: Mr. Hsin-Shan Lin
Telephone: 886-2-2506-6670 ext.513
E-mail: sslinbob@moeaitc.gov.tw
E- table of float glass, in sheets
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